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My Graffiti War with Banksy // King Robbo

January 15, 2011

Who can forget the street feud between Banksy and Robbo? Well now Robbo finally speaks out about the whole thing and then some. Here’s a little snippet:

Broaching the subject of the infamous ‘King Robbo’ comeback I’m relieved to see that he’s fairly amused by it all. “He broke a graff code of conduct and for a lawless community we have a lot of laws, so I had to come back. What people don’t realise is that he’d already gone over loads of my stuff before and I hadn’t bothered retaliating but this time it was just so deliberate, so cowardly. If you’ve got the hump about something you send a message and discuss it like gentlemen, you don’t wipe out a piece of graffiti history. But that’s what he does, never expresses his own opinion, he puts something out and lets people fool themselves, he’s smart in that respect”.

Read the full interview here. I’d love to hear people’s opinion on this one!


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