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Ripped: T-Shirts From The Underground // Cesar Padilla

April 1, 2010

Ripped: T-Shirts from the Underground is a visual book celebrating the t-shirts of post-punk art and music scene of the ’70s and ’80s.

Artist, musician, and vintage collector, Cesar Padilla has been collecting rare and one-off rock n’ roll t-shirts since he was a child. His now 200+ piece collection ranges from Sonic Youth to Run DMC, the Sex Pistols to The Kinks, Talking Heads to The Cure.

“I grew up in Southern California and was raised by my two sisters. As a consequence, I was on the Sunset Strip at an early age, attending rock shows and being exposed to many things a ten-year-old wouldn’t normally have been exposed to. In 1988, I went traveling to South America. When I returned, my mother had thrown away my rock T-shirt collection, documenting this misspent California youth. Since then, I have been searching for the Holy Grail. This collection is clearly a direct result of such pillaging.”

I’m definitely adding this book to my library. Order your copy of Ripped here.

View some of shirts featured in Ripped on page 2…


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