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// The Story of Human Rights

October 21, 2009

Honestly.. everyone should already know their Rights as human beings from school, university or even just being curious. If topics such as this have got to a point where we need to learn them through 10 minute animated videos, something is wrong. Nonetheless, this video is amazing! It’s a classic infographic, there’s a hook at the start; we, as an audience, learn something new and at the same time enjoy the visual design and story-telling.

I like how they blended the live footage of asking people on the street. The information would have still gotten through without it and by just using the visuals though having included the live footage they showed how serious this subject is that most people in the West don’t really know much about their rights as a Human Being. I’m not quite sure why they included that 10 second ‘summary’ part… and I loved the flow-y smoke/grunge textures. Awesome video!

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