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Dirty Kitchen Secrets // Bethany Kehdy

June 19, 2009

Dirty Kitchen

My father as a young man had a serious hobby of being a food critic; he would be requested and invited to judge chef’s menu’s all around hotels in Europe till one day he was honored and commended for his work (they gave him a gold medal, ribbon, celebration and everything). So logically you can imagine how amazing and awesome a cook his future wife had to be, aka my mother to feed him on a daily basis. So exquisite fine-dining was a daily routine in my home as I was growing up; I always tried to cook as good as my mom but years of experience and time I did not have. Then I was introduced to Bethany’s Food blog; Dirty Kitchen Secrets.  “DKS shares international recipes with easy, step by step instructions and explanations… It’s about removing the intimidation factor and propelling the home cook into the kitchen encouraging them to let loose and nurture their own creativity” she says.  So with her intimidation-less techniques and my mother’s touch, I’m better off in the kitchen!

Make your cooking explosive, messy and sexy @ Dirty Kitchen Secrets

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