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Joseph Chahfe // The Sultan Gallery

April 14, 2009

Joseph Chahfe // Belonging

“In my paintings, the medium is the witness of a process of an image construction in which memories, inquiries and emotions create a new aesthetic experiment, every time. I retrieve in my paintings part of the memory of my youth, lived in Beirut. These paintings include a series of textures, extracts of writing, torn bits which are the metaphor of a belonging crisis and a quest in the territory of identity.”   Joseph Chahfe

The Sultan Gallery presents Joseph Chahfe, “Belonging”, Tuesday 14 April 6pm-9pm

Opening reception in the presence of the artist. The show will run from 14 April- 30 April, 2009

15 April, 11AM-2PM and 6PM-9PM
16 April – 30 April, 11AM-2PM only

Sabhan, Sadeer co., block 8, street 105, building no 168,
tel: 4714325/26 ext.110 fax: 4714301
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