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“Wa Waila” (Oh Torment) // Monira Al Qadiri

April 6, 2009

Wa Waila" (Oh Torment) // Monira Al Qadiri

I posted about the 2nd Annual Gulf Film Festival yesterday, which is taking place in Dubai from April 9th-15th 2009. One of the movies being screened is “Wa Waila” (Oh Torment) by Monira Al Qadiri. It will be showcased as part of the Lights segment. Now if you remember, Monira was one of the artists from the Goth Gulf Visual Vortex. She’s lived in Japan for the last 10 years, and is currently preparing for her PHD there! 

“Wa Waila” (Oh Torment) is a surreal short film based on an old Kuwaiti folk song. The musical direction is by Fatima Al Qadiri. I really want to watch this short film, since I am a huge fan of both Monira and Fatima’s work. It’s great to see that young Kuwaitis are becoming very active in the arts!

I recommend checking out Monira’s website here, she has achieved so much (mashallah). Good luck Monira! 

I found some film stills from “Wa Waila” online. To view them please go to page 2! 


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