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Let Them Eat Pâté! // Fatima Al Qadiri

March 31, 2009

Meet Fatima Al-Qadiri: artist, musician and composer. Born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait, and currently based in New York, Fatima prides herself with an artsy portfolio that would make any local Kuwaiti jealous!

Recently featured in The Last Magazine, Fatima talks about the highs and lows of Kuwaiti life and culture, how it shaped her personality and inspired her artistically. The article also discusses her recent project Pâté, a collaboration between Fatima and her friend, Lauren Boyle. The project takes found photography (such as vintage Kuwaiti fashion ads) and manipulated imagery to create a tongue-in-cheek reflection of Kuwaiti consumerism and luxury. Pâté is produced and designed by Common Space. All the modeling was done by Fatima. I absolutely loved it, so genius!

Pâté Pâté


You can see Fatima’s latest work at The Sultan Gallery on Tuesday 31st March from 6pm-9pm, up until April 2nd. The group show called “Goth Gulf Visual Vortex”, includes stylist Khalid Al Gharaballi, explores the goth subculture in Kuwait. This is definitely not to be missed!

Also, check out Fatima’s MySpace page here, where you can listen to her music too! This girl has some mad talent!

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