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Goth Gulf Visual Vortex // The Sultan Gallery

March 26, 2009

Sultan Gallery

Bayt Kheshkha presents Goth Gulf Visual Vortex  GGV, Tuesday 31 March 2009 6pm-9pm

A group show curated by Khalid Al Gharaballi and Fatima Al Qadiri, “Goth Gulf Visual Vortex GGVV” explores the late arrival of the goth subculture to Kuwait in the early 2000’s. Having gone through the filters of third world cyber aesthetics, MTV pop goth videos and trashy Kuwaiti fashion trends, the subculture, ultimately, came out “wrong”: it had a distinctively cheesy, local manifestation. Arabic pop music and poetry’s predilection towards sadness and solitude added a sense of familiarity to the genre. Garnering the interest of local “Noir journalism,” tabloids devoted exclusively to “exposing” the occult, goth kids were automatically branded as Satan worshippers. In juxtaposition, the show addresses dark aspects of Kuwaiti culture such as the practices of black magic, zeeran (exorcism rituals) and the Muslim belief in jinn (demonic spirits), as well as the haunting destruction left behind after the invasion in 1990-91.

The show will run from 31 March- 2 April, 2009

1 April 11AM-2PM and 6PM-9PM
2 April 11AM-2PM only

Sabhan, Sadeer co., block 8, street 105, building no 168,
tel: 4714325/26 ext.110 fax: 4714301

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