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March 1, 2009

A collaboration between artist Gordon Young and his team, including design studio Why Not Associates, takes typography to a whole new level. The project: typographic tree sculptures. The trees, which flush from floor to ceiling, are placed around Crawley library to resemble pillars. 

crawley-trees  every-evening

The trees are carved with text from different books around the library. “We worked with the selected passages of text, choosing typefaces and designing the layout,” says Why Not’s Andy Altmann of the studio’s role in the making of the Crawley Trees. 

The technique involves sandblasting the tree trunk, and then sand blasting the type out of the trunk. Very cool!

“You put a kind of vinyl onto the wood and peel the cut lettering out of it,” explains Altmann of the process. The idea is that the particles of grit eat into the wood but bounce off the vinyl, resulting in the ‘carved’ lettering. 

work-in-progress   crawley-trees-in-workshop

This project brings art into nature in a way that is simply beautiful. It definitely adds a very rustic touch to the typography! I wonder if we can take this project to another level using arabic type!

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